Among Rin-Tei's menu, the most eye-catching original soup is soy milk soup.
So, I'm going to talk about soy milk in detail. In general, it is said that soy milk is good for the body, but specifically, what are the benefits of consuming soy milk?

 The Beauty Effect of Soy Milk

Diet (sabonin and lecithin)
Prevention of hair loss (soy isoflavone)
Beautiful skin (sabonin, vitamin E and lecithin)

Soy milk contains a lot of sabonin and vitamin E, and they have the effect of weakening the function of active oxygen. The lecithin soy milk which prevents oxidation that causes aging of skin and skin spots. In other words, by ingesting lecithin, it is easier to get the ingredients necessary for the skin.
From these things, it can be said that soy milk can help lead to beautiful skin.

 The Health Effect of Soy Milk

Prevention of arteriosclerosis (high-quality lipids and vitamins)
Improvement of menstrual pain(soy isoflavones)
Menopause relief (estrogen)
Reducing swelling (potassium)
Prevention of anemia (iron and folic acid)
Prevention of high blood pressure (soybean peptide)
Improvement of intestinal environment (oligosaccharides)

Soy milk is a soybean-derived beverage loved by health-conscious people, and it inherits the nutritional value of soybeans as it is.
It has been scientifically proven that these ingredients, such as vegetable proteins, isoflavones, lecithin, savonins, and vitamins, are useful for our health and beauty.

However, there is an unexpected risk if you take too much soy milk that is good for your health. In order to maintain your health, let's know the appropriate soy milk intake.
The estimated daily intake of soy milk is about 400 to 600 ml for adults. It changes depending on your weight and constitution, but if you consume too much soy milk, it will adversely affect your health, so you need to be careful not to drink too much.

 Main health hazards

Extension of the menstrual cycle
The risk of uterine hyperplasia
Impact on sperm formation ability
Impact on fertilization ability
Abdominal pain

 Let's not overconsume soy milk because it's good for your health.

Soy milk has many good effects on our health and beauty , if you avoid excessive intake and consume it in combination with a well-balanced diet.

 Rin-Tei's soy milk soup uses about 200 ml of soy milk per dish.

Creamy Soy Milk Pho with Men-tai
Creamy Sesame "Tan-Tan" Pho
Creamy Soy Milk Pho with Keema Curry
Creamy Soy Milk Pho with Poached Chicken

These four menu items will have a positive effect on your health and beauty without ever exceeding daily soy milk intake.  The original soy milk soup with a well-balanced combination of chicken stock and milk is not only delicious, but will also surprise and impress you.