All About Our Beef Pho Soup

Among the many menu items at Rintei, the Beef Pho has been a constant fan favorite since the restaurant’s opening. At Rintei, where we emphasize handmade quality, the deliciousness of our Beef Pho comes from our distinctive, handcrafted original soup recipe.

The oxtail is prepared with meticulous care along with various vegetables, and our unique blend of spices, patiently simmered over low heat to maintain its clarity. The soup is simmered for 12 hours, occasionally topped with water to prevent over-reduction, resulting in a fragrant and golden broth.

The Beef Pho, featuring slices of beef and Wagyu that have also been simmered to perfection for 12 hours, and the Tomato Beef Pho, enhanced by the sweetness of tomatoes and a generous amount of salad greens for vibrant flavor, are both dishes that will keep you coming back for more. We invite you to savor our expertly crafted beef soup.